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STEAM in the Elementary Music Classroom

Language Arts, Math, and Science in the Elementary Music Classroom: A Practical Tool

Music Math 3D Abstract
designed by Kim Milai

NOTE: This post is about my new practical guide “Language Arts, Math, and Science in the Elementary Music Classroom.” The book is available now at Amazon and other online book stores. This practical guide helps music teachers incorporate elementary classroom subjects into their curriculum using STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) inspired strategies. It includes a complete elementary music curriculum for kindergarten, first and second grades (Vol.1) and has cross-referencing charts for regular elementary classroom teachers to find music activities for their classroom. Importantly, it shows teachers how to include the artistic processes of creating, performing, responding and connecting in their lessons. These processes are featured in NAfME’s new Core Arts Music Standards.

The cross-disciplinary subjects are coded in a way that makes them easy to find in the lessons. Also included are assessment tests, sheet music, work sheet templates and discussions on using technology and adding more composition activities. The book’s vehicle for introducing these concepts to students is a calendar-style curriculum using folk, classical and pop music. American culture, world culture and seasonal activities are expertly interwoven throughout the planning. This book gives ways for a teacher to connect the student socially to their community and world.

Sheet music for 63 folk songs (some hard to find) is included. The lesson activities include singing, percussion instruments, seasonal songs and movement activities. These lessons can be used as is or the teacher can take what they want to build their own unique lessons. KM

Free printouts at this blog include:

  • COLOR Jpgs of the black and white photographs and charts from the book.
  • PDFs of the assessment tests and templates laid out in the resource sections.
  • PDFs of all the sheet music
  • COLOR PDFs of the song “There Was a Man and He Was Mad:
  • PDFs of the large music notation

Please see the Appendix/Online Resources section of the book for the URL for these images. These prints are for educational purposes only. All rights are reserved.



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