Language Arts, Math, and Science in the Elementary Music Classroom

Language Arts, Math, and Science in the Elementary Music Classroom: A Practical Tool

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This book will be out September 2017. This post for the upcoming practical guide has two purposes. The main purpose is to connect. I am very interested in your thoughts about teaching elementary music. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you have suggestions for me on how I can improve future editions of this textbook. I will keep the posts up and later categorize them as a reference for others.

The other purpose for this post (and this blog) is to supply free images for printing:

  • COLOR Jpgs of the black and white photographs and charts from the book.
  • PDFs of the assessment tests and templates laid out in the resource sections.
  • PDFs of all the sheet music
  • COLOR PDFs of the song “There Was a Man and He Was Mad:
  • PDFs of the large music notation

Please see the Appendix/Online Resources section of the book for the URL for these images. These prints are for educational purposes only. All rights are reserved.

My core belief is that the relationship between physically experiencing music and thinking about and analyzing music needs to be rebalanced to include more blending into other disciplines and social interactions. This blending shouldn’t take away from music as a pure art form, but instead enhance its ability to reach our students. It is not just the development of the “ear.” It is the whole person; physically, mentally and socially. What are your thoughts and experiences? KM

Scout Songs

Land of the silver birch, home of the beaver
Where still the mighty moose wanders at will
Blue lake and rocky shore, I will return once more
Boom de di boom boom, Boom de di boom boom
Boom de di boom boom, Boom.

A well done Scout Song collection is a wonderful source of Patriotic songs, Nature songs, and Silly songs. I recommend these two sites. I haven’t yet found an online list of Scout songs with the music notation. But seeing the names may jog your memory.

Scouting Songs
MacScouter: Songs for Scouts and Scouters