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Raise your hand if you’ve bought CDs for your classes over the years but never used them! Or maybe you only used one song on the whole CD. I built up a mountain of CDs and old cassettes which I hardly used.

The great thing about the internet is that you can hear examples and pick and choose what songs you want to buy. For black history month I found wonderful examples, among them: Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around sung by the Freedom Singers and a German art song sung by Marian Anderson. Love that!

In the long run, I found it easier to do simple recordings of songs at home using my Tascam workstation. When it came to concert time, I could save my voice and have the children sing along with the recordings (check the free music section of songs I recorded). .

Here is the run down of the sections I have under Resources. They include recommended CD’s and music, some with links. You are welcome to take these suggestions and purchase them elsewhere, but in case you need some help finding them, I’ve included them in the posts. I only recommend things I have myself or that I really like.

CD Suggestions: I will post ideas on music to purchase for your collection.

Instruments and Accessories: This is a hodgepodge suggestions that couldn’t find a home anywhere else.


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