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Dinobone Dinobone Have You Heard? Songs for Young Children

Songs for Young Children

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About this CD
Dinobone, Dinobone, Have You Heard? is a music CD for young children that contains:
• Active Songs for dancing and all-around jumping!
• Quiet Songs for sleeping and rest time.
• Multicultural Songs for variety and exposure to different cultures. Includes Anglo-American, Afro-American, and Native American songs as well as songs from different countries.
• Quality Songs that are carefully chosen and performed in a way that retains their traditional folk value while adding a fun, modern, and alternative edge.
These features combined produce an outstanding, dynamic arrangement of quality songs for young children — all on one CD!

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Download the story of Dinobone in this pdf file:
The Story of Dinobone

Download the entire set of lyrics in this pdf file:
Dinobone Lyrics

List of Songs
Dinobone, Dinobone (Ham-bone)
Shimmy, Shimmy Cocoa-Pop
Mi Chacra (My Farm)
Feng Yang Flower Drum Song
Loop De Loo
All Around the Kitchen
She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain
Acorn Song
Softly Falling Snow
Hush Little Baby
Leather-Winged Bat
Night-Herding Song
Lovely, Lovely Moon
Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Ocean Baby


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