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Resources for the Music Teacher and More


My classroom in 2011

We are at a fortunate age where most music teachers have a personal computer available to them at school. Writing lessons, compiling grades, doing PowerPoints and necessary paperwork are easier and faster then ever.

Computers are also a great resource. For example, I taught the song Shake Those ‘Simmons Down and realized in class I forgot to bring my picture of a ‘simmons (persimmons). With the computer in my room, I just got online and printed out a quick color picture to show the class. Lesson saved!

But as you know, your classroom needs so much more.

*The environment needs to be inviting.
*Students need to feel some ownership of the classroom.
*Activities need to be displayed without being too distracting.
*Music classes need a sound system (at least a boombox) and instruments.

Here is the run down of the sections I have under Classroom. They include recommended materials for the class. You are welcome to take these ideas for products and purchase them elsewhere; but in case you need some help finding them, I’ve included them in the posts. I only recommend things I have myself or that I really like.

Classroom Tips: You’ll see in this category various music classroom tips written by myself and others. If you have ideas to offer, would love to post them here.

Materials: I will highlight various materials that are great for an elementary music classroom. You can either purchase them yourself or, if you’re lucky, your school can reimburse you for them!

Written Music: Here you’ll find reviews or recommendations for books and sheet music. You’ll notice a running thread through my choices. The curriculum I prefer for lower elementary is to teach the music concepts with folk songs and classical music. That is my emphasis.


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