Songs and Feelings

Class Illustrations for the song “Who Killed Cock Robin?” at Teachers Pay Teachers.

Riveted: That’s how I would describe my classes when they saw my pictures as I sang the story of Cock Robin to them. This song opens up a wealth of emotions for children in an age appropriate way.

This captivating song is a touching way to experience sad emotions. The illustrations keep the mood lighter and more abstract while the students explore their own feelings about the song.


General Instructions: These lyrics are an Appalachian version of an old English poem. The two melodies are also Appalachian style. I would suggest teaching the song that’s in major and use the more haunting minor version just for listening; you be the judge for your class. The sheet music PDF also includes teacher questions that could be used in your lesson plan.


Rationale: How do we discuss sad emotions in the classroom? During the school year, students bring in many happy but also sad occurrences in their lives (ex. a favorite pet that died). It’s easy to find materials for happy things. This song is a great supplement for a discussion about sad things.

Available for purchase separately: Song MP3s and Sheet Music



Scout Songs

Land of the silver birch, home of the beaver
Where still the mighty moose wanders at will
Blue lake and rocky shore, I will return once more
Boom de di boom boom, Boom de di boom boom
Boom de di boom boom, Boom.

A well done Scout Song collection is a wonderful source of Patriotic songs, Nature songs, and Silly songs. I recommend these two sites. I haven’t yet found an online list of Scout songs with the music notation. But seeing the names may jog your memory.

Scouting Songs
MacScouter: Songs for Scouts and Scouters


Top 100 Children’s Folk Song List

Marilyn Ward developed a wonderful, comprehensive list of the top 100 children’s songs she felt were significant. Many of them we may lose if they are not preserved and taught to our children.

Her resource is no longer online but here is a document with most of the 100 songs. Actually I just counted and they are all there. 🙂

Marilyn Ward Song List DOC
Marilyn Ward Song List PDF

Here is a resource for an article about children’s songs and our disappearing song heritage.

Children Don’t Know Folk Songs