Class Illustrations for the song “Who Killed Cock Robin?” at Teachers Pay Teachers.

Riveted: That’s how I would describe my classes when they saw my pictures as I sang the story of Cock Robin to them. This song opens up a wealth of emotions for children in an age appropriate way.

This captivating song is a touching way to experience sad emotions. The illustrations keep the mood lighter and more abstract while the students explore their own feelings about the song.


General Instructions: These lyrics are an Appalachian version of an old English poem. The two melodies are also Appalachian style. I would suggest teaching the song that’s in major and use the more haunting minor version just for listening; you be the judge for your class. The sheet music PDF also includes teacher questions that could be used in your lesson plan.


Rationale: How do we discuss sad emotions in the classroom? During the school year, students bring in many happy but also sad occurrences in their lives (ex. a favorite pet that died). It’s easy to find materials for happy things. This song is a great supplement for a discussion about sad things.

Available for purchase separately: Song MP3s and Sheet Music