KMSPatriotic100Patriotic Songs for Sing Alongs

KMSChinese100Introduction to Traditional Chinese Music

KMSFallharvest100Fall Harvest Songs

KMSBlackhistory100Meaningful Music for Black History Month

KMSPeeltheO100Peel the Orange and Through the Wicket

KMSEgypt100Sa’idi Dance from Ancient Egypt

KMSCinco100Authentic Mexican Songs for Cinco de Mayo

KMSChristmas100Christmas Songs from Around the World

KMSScottish100Bonnie Rideout and the Scottish Folk Song

KMSHanukkah100The Top Five Groovin’ Hanukkah Songs

KMSBhangra100Bollywood and Bhangra Dance

KMSValentine10010 Traditional Fun Songs for Valentine’s Day


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