Welcome to General Music Digital

Writing about the modern general music classroom means compiling the information that’s available (books, CDs, lesson plans) and making them handy for digital download. This includes personal tips and suggestions, music written in notation programs and personal recordings of public domain songs. The digital source needs to cover the many aspects of general music and include a way for teachers to ask questions, make comments and contribute ideas. I have tried to do this here.


The songs I recorded for my classroom are free to download. So are some of my images of songs from notation software. This blog also includes connections to my Teachers Pay Teachers and my HubPage Articles with affiliation links of products I recommend.

I am currently writing a college text book with example lessons for music education students. My curriculum is based on the most up-to-date music standards. The book will also include information on incorporating math and language arts into your lessons. We elementary general music teachers need to adapt our teaching style to this new environment of intensive core curriculum integration into our music classroom. This we need to do while keeping the integrity of our main goal; teaching music.

What makes this digital? The layers of information you can cut and paste, download, comment on and share.
I am a general music teacher who has worked in public school classrooms for the past twenty five years. Funny, I started off as an aspiring band director until I worked as a teacher’s aide for an outreach Kodaly program for the Third Street Music school in New York City. It was love at my first ‘so-mi.’ I have also taught in Palo Alto, California and Fredericksburg, Virginia. My training is primarily in Kodaly and Orff methodology along with a certification in Suzuki flute 1A and 1B. I am a graduate of the Eastman School of Music and earned the degree of Master in Music Education.